Almond Chocolate Bonbons

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Yields 12 large bonbons


1 cup almond butter unsalted and smooth

2 cups almond meal

2 Tablespoons Aronia Powder or any berry or fruit powder you wish to use

125 grams dark (high quality )chocolate 60 to 75 % is good - about 7 ounces

pinch salt

1 tablespoon maple syrup or sugar


1- Work together into a paste : the almond butter, maple syrup (or maple sugar), almond meal and fruit powder. Mix together really well either with your hands or spatula.

2- Roll mixture into a bite size balls- Set aside .

3- Melt 100 grams or 75 percent of the total amount of chocolate under a hot water bath . keep 25 grams or about 1/4 of the total volume or weight aside. (So if you use 1.1/4 cup of chocolate chips , you would be melting 1 cup and keeping 1/4 cup aside )

4- Let the chocolate melt undisturbed then whisk it till completely melted. It should have a glossy glow and you should be abe to pour it easily .

5- Off from the fire but still under warm water add the 25 grams or reserved chocolate. Just incorporate it into the already melted chocolate . the bowl should now rest for a few minutes covered and over warm water to allow the additional chocolate to gently melt. This takes about 3 minutes. Timing is IMPORTANT - SO GET READY TO POUR IT INTO MOLDS !

When the chocolate is completely melted, it should be very glossy and ready to pour into molds.

6- Pour the chocolate into miniature muffin tins, candy molds or ice cube tray and drop the rolled almond mixture in the center of the poured chocolate . Let the chocolate bonbons hardened in the refrigerator for about an hour, then remove from the molds and store into the refrigerator

into an airtight container until ready to enjoy~

7- If you did an excellent job at tempering the chocolate, these truffles should last for a few weeks without issues. Keep away from smells and temperature fluctuations. Freezing is ok !


Chef Flo & the Foodflo Team

Bon Appetit ! Chef Flo