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Subscribing to weekly meal deliveries is easy with Foodflo
Select the appropriate size & delivery location. See descriptions below.
You will be billed weekly and you can pause or cancel at any time by logging in to your account or emailing with the request.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Reboot Meal packages are delivered once a week. If you have any questions about which package to order, please email or give us a call at 323-644-8100.
Package Sizes & Descriptions:

Small (this package serves 6+ meals)​:

good for one person to eat Foodflo for about 1/2 of their lunches & dinners

3 Main Courses: One of each Entrée+Side dish

2 Side Salads: One of each

1 Soup: Two servings


Large [save 15%] (this package serves 9+ meals):

good for one person to eat Foodflo for most of their lunch & dinners

or two people to eat Foodflo for about 1/2 of their lunch & dinners

6 Main Courses: Two of each Entrée+Side dish

2 Side Salads: One of each

1 Soup: Two servings


Family [save 15%] (this package serves 18+ meals):

the best choice for two people who want to rely on Foodflo for most of their meals

or for a family who wants to supplement with a bit of additional cooking / eating out

12 Main Courses: Four of each Entrée+Side dish

4 Side Salads: Two of each

2 Soups: Four servings)

Main courses are designed to feed one person generously or two people lightly.

Protein packed side salads and healthy satisfying soups are all 2+ servings per container.

Delivery Information:

Please click to view the map of our local delivery range

Deliveries are on Sunday evenings for Los Angeles & Orange County customers. Calabasas pays additional $8 delivery fee. Deliveries are on Tuesday for the rest of California, Nevada and Arizona. Please include any gate code or pertinent delivery information. We deliver to the metropolitan areas of CA, NV + AZ. Requested delivery times can not be guaranteed.

Orders placed after midnight on Saturday may be fulfilled the following week.


*Overnight Shipping Disclaimer - the customer assumes all of the risk in ordering over-night. We put in plenty of ice and do our very best to make sure the food is sent and arrives safely on time. However: We are NOT responsible for missing, mis-delivered, damaged or late meal delivery packages. Due to COVID-19, our shipping company is unable to issue refunds for lost, late, or damaged packages.

*Please note, we do not provide refunds for cooler bags - new customers purchase their first bag and exchange it with each following delivery.

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