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Florence Betheau, a.k.a. Chef Flo, is a French chef who cooked in a classic French style—heavy on meat, eggs, and dairy—for years. After experiencing the positive effects of vegan and gluten-free recipes on herself and her autistic daughter, she started to drastically shift her style of cooking. Today, her seasonally grounded meal delivery is an LA favorite for making veganism easy (and delicious). Average dishes might include Indian curried butternut squash dal, Tex-Mex sweet-potato cakes with Moroccan tomato sauce, or vegetable gratin with mung beans; everything is comforting and incredibly flavorful.

-Gwyneth Paltrow 


The Foodflo Mission

Hear from our founder, owner and Head Chef Florence Bertheau.

Find out more about how you could benefit from choosing a plant-based lifestyle!

Review: "We Adore FoodFlo!"

-Physician, The Man Clinic

We have been using FoodFlo for many years now. It has made eating healthy easy. The food, customer service, and delivery are incredible. The quality of the food is unbelievable and I love being able to come home and put dinner on the table without stopping at the grocery store or getting take out. Eating compassionately is what matters most to me. There are so many good meal to savor with FoodFlo without killing animals. As a physician, a healthy diet is very important for a well balanced life. We love these delicious plant-based meals! They are so convenient, I can just grab and go anytime.

-Dr. Eric Fong & wife Erika

The Man Clinic, Woodland Hills CA

High Density



All of our meals are 100% plant based, perfect for a low sugar or diabetic diet.

High Protein Meals

We know you need energy throughout the day, that's why we pack as much protein as we can into every dish.

Organic, Gluten Free Ingredients

All our ingredients are organic and completely gluten-free, perfect for celiacs and gluten intolerance.

Made Using Alkaline Water

Since we opened in 2012, we have made every meal with alkaline water to ensure you maintain a healthy pH balance.

Supports Healthy Microbiome

A healthy microbiome protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy + produces vitamins.

Love Your Gut

All meals are made using  alkaline 9ph  water  with fresh, organic, and highly enzymatic ingredients.

We offer the highest Nutrition per Bite/ No Fluff!

We use adaptogenic foods to boost
your overall health and raises your sense of well-being.




Meals You'll Love

Enjoy the convenience of healthy, delicious meals delivered fresh each week. Choose from a variety of menu and package options, designed by Chef and Health Coach to the stars Florence Bertheau.

What People Say

"Delish and I'm not even a vegetarian. Wanted to improve what I eat without the hassle. This is an amazing service...You can add dishes or exchange and it comes 100% ready to eat. All ingredients are listed and all organic."


"At the beginning, I was a little bit reluctant about ordering because they're based in California and I live in Arizona but I decided to give them a try- and good thing I did! Their service is amazing, very organized and always on top of things. Their food is super delicious, healthy and their menu varies every week."




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