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"Usually, I don't write reviews, even though I'm always checking other people's reviews and I know how helpful they are. Foodflo recently (and luckily) crossed my path and after experienced it, I have the need of leaving a great review because of their outstanding, super delicious healthy food!

Not only the food is superb, but the service itself is great! I'm vegan and this lifestyle requires dedication, patience and time; also, I'm a mom of two highly active kids having to come up with daily meals for myself and for my omnivore kids and hubby (good thing my husband is in charge of the meat dept.)
I simply don't have the time nor the patience required to cook every day a healthy diet and at the same time keep everybody happy; that's when I decided to ease my life by looking vegan meals delivered to my home and that's when I found Foodflo! I told my husband about it and said "Let's try a week and if you want to add a piece of meat to your now vegan meal, that's completely fine..." Guess what... So far, hubby is loving Foodflo's meals so bad that he's not missing any meat (yay!) plus he told me "Next order, let's get the 4 week subscription for each of us" meaning he's not only supportive of my decision but he's seriously enjoying it.

Thanks Foodflo for easing my life while keeping a healthy and delicious vegan diet, plus converting my husband to healthier eating habits (priceless)."
-Andreina, Peoria, AZ

"I needed a special liquid diet because of the rare autoimmune disease I was suffering from and Chef Flo was exceptionally accommodating of my needs, working with me to design meals tailored to my requirements. She was always responsive and patient and truly helped me through a difficult time. The meal plan she custom designed was both nutritious and delicious. I heartily recommend her service and would not hesitate to suggest her service to anyone with special dietary restrictions. Thanks again to Chef Flo for her dedication and superior food preparation."
-Richard, West Hollywood, CA

"I want to share my experience using FoodFlo. I was searching for a service that can provide me with weekly vegan meals. What I secretly wanted was to find both vegan and gluten free meals that tasted GOOD. I found Chef Flo who does it all. I wrote to her and gave her a brief history on my health issues and what I was seeking. I also opened up to her that I suffer from under active Thyroid.

I felt very comfortable with Chef Flo. She listens well. I gave her food a try. Let me tell you, it is changing my life. My stubborn weight is slowly melting off. Her suggestions and coaching really help. Her food is delicious. And honestly I used to complain I had a sweet tooth, after trying her mousse, I feel balanced. I find all her food pack great flavor and really satisfy me. Thank you so much, Chef Flo for sharing your creativity. I would rate my experience as 5 STARS!!!"
-Rasha, Woodland Hills, CA

"Stumbled onto this amazing website by accident, looking for healthy ideas for a busy professional with limited time for food preparation. Am not a vegan, nor am I gluten or dairy intolerant but was impressed by the healthy, diverse range of offerings. Decided to go ahead and give it a try. First week's delivery surpassed all my expectations - delicious, varied and so nicely presented. Delivery was perfectly seamless. I have just excitedly unpacked week 2 into my fridge and it all looks fabulous. Thanks to all at Foodflo!"

 “I was referred to Flo by a friend after I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I had never had food delivered to my home before. Each week Flo prepares a different menu, which is always varied, flavorful, and nutritious.  If I were to buy all these ingredients myself, it would cost a great deal.  Everyone knows that one of the keys to weight loss is to eat a varied menu.  When cook for myself I tend to make the same things over and over again.  The delivery service is marvelous and very well organized.  Each Wednesday, I look forward to seeing what the new menu will be.”
-Diane, Santa Monica, CA

"That spinach salad with radishes and the dressing was wonderful! I added cranberries, pumpkin seeds and grape tomatoes and basically ate the whole thing myself!!! Just wanted to let you know!"
-Cory, Oak Park, CA

"Thank you Flo! This week's menu is amazing! Favorite is the pickled radishes, great spring side dish."
-David, Walnut, CA

"Hi Chef Flo---I am so enjoying this week's food and wanted to praise and thank you for personalizing mine.  The unique flavors and textures are delicious!!!  Be back with you--week after this one."
Marielle, Venice, CA

"I had never had vegan food before, it is so delicious and so lovely and healthy! "
Jan, Santa Monica, CA

"Flo's meals are healthy and taste great. She has performed the ultimate culinary feat: my finicky
5 year-old boy eats these dinners with joy."
Sanjay MD, Studio City, CA

“(Chef Flo’s) passion and creativity for healthful eating is a great compliment to what I encourage in healthy lifestyles...Her menu options even for those who are not gluten-free (or) vegan taste amazing and for those who are gluten and dairy free this is your safe haven.”
Dr. Stephanie, San Marino, CA

"Hi Flo. My order came today and I am SOOO excited!! Thank you!! All the food is so beautifully packaged, perfect to bring with me to work for this week. And it all looks delicious!!! I am so excited, and I think I may have a new addiction :) Thanks! "
Sasha, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful week of food.  I enjoyed every bite - and I feel great.  Everything was good, but the vegetable tart was incredible!  And the Miso Dressing you should definitely bottle and put on the market - it was great."
Nancy, Los Angeles, CA

"This week's black-eyed peas salad tastes like I am eating raw health. Delicious! Thanks, Flo!!!!"
Marianne, Costa Mesa, CA

"Just got home to a fridge filled with so many beautiful goodies! I am excited and can't decide which to start with :)"
Melinda, Highland Park, CA

"Just had the Pea and Mint Soup that I had put in the freezer.  SO happy to come home knowing I had something and it was DELICIOUS!!!"
Judy, Long Beach, CA

"I just got up in the middle of the night to eat the rest of the Lasagna AND meatballs. This food is sooooo good. The Asian dressing is divine, the soup is GONE … just amazing food.!! Please tell Flo I love her."
Crystal, Studio City, CA

"I just devoured your Japanese Coleslaw for lunch and had to write to tell you! -- my husband and I are enjoying ALL of your dishes this week and wanted to mention some other delicious meals we’ve enjoyed from past deliveries – please keep these coming!!
Caron, Dana Point, CA


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