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Our Difference

Our Difference


Our Mission

Foodflo's mission is to make you happier and healthier one bite at a time. Our aim is to give you easy access to affordable, real, unprocessed, delicious food that is made with love and with the intention of health.

With the rise of industrial food production, we have become completely disconnected from the sources of our food and we are no longer able to register the rhythms, harmony, and energies that foods convey.

We truly believe that the Energetics qualities of food affects us profoundly, therefore we are mindful about creating recipes that energize, ground, calm and uplift. Being knowledgeable in food combining principles as well as sourcing the best ingredients with the highest nutritional values, allows us to provide you the best meals possible.

At Foodflo, our goal is to revitalize your connection to food by providing delicious cuisine that truly nourish the body and the soul. 


Why choose Foodflo?

Imagine how easy life would be if a week's worth of delicious healthy meals were already in your fridge. All the benefits of eating incredibly healthy meals without the work of shopping or cooking! Everything is hand-made, fresh, never frozen and costs less than if you were to buy the ingredients yourself. All meals are made using Kangen alkaline water, and fresh organic and highly enzymatic ingredients. We believe that using Adaptogenic foods to make our meals will help our clients overall health, strengthen the immune system, boost energy and raise sense of well-being. We are a plant based vegan company, but of course you don't have to be vegan to enjoy our meals. Just add your favorite organic meat or fish!

 no-fluff-image-1179.pngNo Fluff and No Filler
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We use high quality vegan proteins. We don't try to fill you up with pasta and rice. All meals are made using Kangen alkaline water, along with fresh, organic and highly enzymatic ingredients.

kangen-image-569.jpgKangen Alkaline Water
All meals are made with Kangen Alkaline Water. The cells in our body need to stay at their natural alkaline balance for optimal health. 
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not-vegan-image-942.jpgNot Vegan?
Just prefer healthy and delicious?
You don't have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy Flo's delicious meal delivery. Our meals are perfectly balanced, but of course you can also add your own fish, chicken or meat to Flo's delicious meals.
Please contact us with any questions/concerns/dietary restrictions PRIOR to ordering to ensure that we can accomodate your needs.